Fix Android ‘Unfortunately System UI Has Stopped’ Error

Unfortunately, System UI Has Stopped on android

Unfortunately, System UI Has Stopped, this error bothers me a lot when I was a user of Android, but now I’m a programmer, I know each thing about Android and applications. and i have some of the really working solution for you which you can try.

I also know some possible causes of error ‘Unfortunately, System UI has stopped’ or ‘Unfortunately, the process has stopped’, they both are the same one and appear due to same causes and the solution is also same for this.


Cause of error Unfortunately System UI Has Stopped.

Unfortunately, System UI Has Stopped on android

What does system UI stopped mean? This means that the UI ‘user interface’ does not work for some reason, but what is the reason you might not know, there are many reasons like

  • Some elements of UI does not load, in this case, the system does not grant your appeal and the error appears.
  • This error also can appear due to old application segments so you need to update all of the codes.
  • If some or any program file is corrupt or missing, the application does not respond in this case and, as a result, an error appears.
  • It also can appear due to error on the programs code, malware or virus can affect that.
  • The other reason was also the insufficient ram storage for the application workspace, sometimes the application doesn’t have enough ram for running the program in this case application doesn’t respond and the error ‘Unfortunately, System UI has stopped’ appears.
  • like the previous cause ‘old application segment’, it’s also possible if your device runs on old hardware or software, in this case, some of the application doesn’t work like is ever play the game on the old mobile or high-end device, so you better know the difference between those.

There are some other reasons that are possible, but we do not include these but don’t worry you can fix those using the same solution which I give for another one.


Clear the application cache.

It will help you to the ram management, and resolve the issue if they come due to insufficient ram for processing the request, follow the steps to clear application cache.

  • Visit your mobile device settings.
  • Then find the ‘Apps management‘ from the visible options.
  • After that a list of apps will appear in front of you, you have to select one of them. where you have to clear the cache.
  • On the screen as like the below image the option will appear, you have to tap if you want to clear the cache.
clear cheche for fix 'Unfortunately, System UI Has Stopped' error

It will affect so much, believe me, it also resolves the issue of unloaded elements, and help you to reduce application ram uses and run the application smoothly, in case if they do not work and the error remains so you have to try some other following methods.

Reboot the device.

What’s the best way to fix any system error just reboot, it reset all code, and fix the code, it just reset so it can fix only some of the minor software issues.

Unfortunately, System UI Has Stopped on android

You can try this sometimes it works well for us, as we all know we use this many times if our mobile device gonna stuck, try this if you already try to clear application cache but not works, so I will suggest you have to try almost at once.

Otherwise, you have to reset your device but before that check the application update at once.

Update the application.

Unfortunately, System UI has stopped, this error also can appear when you use old application segments that mean you need to update it, so go to your play store and check the updates for application under the apps and update.

Update the application if any update available and i be suggest you reboot once before you visit on the application its important for applying new software changes.

Uninstall the update if needed.

if you got this error after updating the application, so sometimes the device doesn’t support new application segments under update, in this case, you need to uninstall the newly updated version, run it on the previous one till the application update not come and developers don’t fix the issue.

So visit the ‘app management’ under the setting of your device and find the application, once you find visit on it and there is an option is visible uninstall the update click on that for uninstalling the new application segment which comes after the update.

Then reboot the system for applying new software changes after that run the application I hope after that application runs fine, but if not so that means you need to reset your device.

Need to reset your device.

When you reset your device, the system rewrites all the codes as the system switches back to their defaults from that come to the factory.

In this process, data from the device is erased with the data they also clear all the application cache or also uninstall all of them, you can’t do it manually like open each application and clear their cache is really time taking process.

So the best way for that reset your device, it will did all things for you, it also reduces ram uses and helps to run UI more effectively or remove all the elements loading delay.

Before you did it, the first thing you have to know, your all data include installed apps data was uninstalled or erase in this process, you also have to take a backup on your Email or existing data, Email needs to when you run setup again on the setup process they need the email address for verifying the owner of the device.

  • For reset, your device visits the settings and go to the accounts first.
  • Then take a backup of your account all your accounts, it important you can take a backup on the sd card If you have, or also note it somewhere.
  • After that back to the setting and visit under the system, here the reset option will appear, go to it
  • Before you reset read all instructions and then reset the device just putting your password.
  • It will take longer, wait till setup processing was ended then install the application and run that.

I hope it will help you and the error not remaining anymore, if you have another issue so you can contact us.

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