Fix err_network_changed your connection was interrupted


err_network_changed your connection was interrupted, this error you may see in your browser when your internet connection interrupted, it may be triggered by many reasons, maybe issue with your system configuration or internet device can be, contact us.

  1. Configure your Networking Device
  2. Disable startup apps and services
  3. Clear DNS Cache
  4. Clear Browser Cache
  5. Configure Firewall and fix err_network_changed
  6. Change DNS Servers
  7. Update WLAN Driver
  8. Reinstall Browser

Causes of err_network_changed

Unstable internet connection is a major issue with this, it visible due to interrupted internet connection, there are many possible causes that can trigger or replicate this error.
So I think you should know each one and fix them.

  • The issue with networking device like Wi-Fi router and mobile hotspot.
  • May sometimes Startup apps and programs can interrupt your internet connection.
  • DNS cache is a temporary database of your computer which contains your recent domain activities much cache can block the access of website domains, so you have to clear these all.
  • Browser cache also works like the DNS cache, they contain the user data but not of the entire system they only contain the data of the browser.
  • Antivirus has the ability to block the internet access of any specific program or software, if they found something suspicious so many they can block the access of your browser internet.
  • DNS servers are responsible for translating domain names to numeric IP addresses and leading them to the right website, if any error with them so your access to any website may block, you can fix those by changing the DNS server’s address.
  • Un-updated WLAN Driver may trigger this error.
  • The browser is not updated for a long time may create the issue.

Configure your Networking Device

At first, you may check your networking device before the other system configuration, it will be take off you from lots of works and save your time may be.

Wifi Router

If you are using wifi router as your networking device, you can simply check it by connecting the other device and look it works or not.
If they not working on both devices so take out the Lan cable and put it again and reboot your router and check again if they not working so may you have to connect with your internet service provider.
And if it works only in Our second device, so that means the issue with your system you may continue with your system to this the error.

Mobile Hotspot

Reset your mobile network Apn, it will eliminate the issues which come due to incorrect Apn server and Apn protocol. For reset the mobile APN :

  • Visit your mobile settings.
  • Go to the wireless or network setting.
  • Then chose the mobile network and visit on APN ‘access point names‘.
  • Here click on the three dots which appear top of the pages and then click on the reset to default.

Now you have done,
Applying the setting just reboot your mobile at once.

Disable startup apps and services

Startup apps and services consume much data, so maybe they can create issue, as just like my case, I already faced this error with my chrome err_network_changed and this solution or method is worked for me, I hope its also work for you.

  • The process is pretty easy first visit the Windows Run dialog box and put the command MSConfig to run the commands hit on the ok.

You can access the Windows Run dialog box by these windows shortcut ‘Windows + R‘.

  • Now it will take you on the System Configuration Utility windows, go to the startup and hit on the open the Task Manager.
  • Now here you can see some startup programs and apps, disable all these and close the Task Manager tab.
  • Now back to the System Configuration Utility window and go to the services.
  • On the service, take a look bottom of tab, and make a check mark on Hide all Microsoft services.

It will hide all the Microsoft services which you don’t want to disable right now, its important for the system so you you don’t need to disable those.

Disable startup apps and services
  • Now make the selection of all of the remaining services which not affect your system, after that click on the disable all and hit on Apply to applying all setting changes.

Clear DNS Cache

DNS cache is a temporary database of your computer which contains your recent domain activities, visits attempts by you or other information, sometimes if your using internet from long time so much of this can create the issue and affect your internet connection my you can get this error err_network_changed.

The solution is clear the cache, the DNS cache contains in the system so you have to clear those from your computer.

  • To clear the DNS cache first run cmd ‘Command Prompt‘ as administrator.

Open the Windows Run dialog box by ‘Windows + R‘ windows shortcut and put the cmd in the fill then press the ‘Ctrl + Shift + Enter‘ keys together, it will run the cmd as administrator.

  • Once you are on cmd then, so you would have to run some commands.
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew

Run these commands one by one these all perform a specific function.

  • ipconfig /release will release the current IP address after that you can assign a new one.
  • ipconfig /flushdns erase the old IP and DNS Resolver cache, which we have to do.
  • ipconfig /renew used to assign a new IP to your system, it also restores your internet connection.

Once you have done just restart your system at once to apply the all changes.

Clear Browser Cache

Like DNS, the browser also contains a website cache, which is temporary. it may create an issue if you are surfing from a long time, much cache can create errors like err_network_changed or others.
so, the solution is simple you have to clear those.

  • Well, first visit on your chrome browser if issue with that.
  • Once you’re in, look at the top-right of windows the three dots are visible click on it.
  • Now select the more tools and choose the ‘Clear browsing data.
  • Here you have to select ‘Cached images and files,’ from the following visible option, which we need to clear.
  • After the selection hit on clear data and simply restart the browser.
Clear Browser Cache

Configure Firewall and fix err_network_changed

So how Firewall can affect the internet connection?
The firewall acts as a barrier for the incoming traffic to the system, its a hardware and software-based security system which protects and monitors activities on the private internet network and computer system.

As we now know what this is, so if they found anything suspicious and feel system in danger, so they has ability to block the internet connection of any specific program or entire system.

you can deal with by add an exclusion in firewall follow these steps to add Exclusion in firewall.

  • Well, First go to the windows search panel and put it on the search ‘Windows defender firewall with advanced security.’
  • Now visit on the result, it will take you on the ‘windows defender firewall with advanced security’ windows
  • Here you have to click on the inbound rules first then go to the add new rule, which appears on the actions section. same as preference images,
Configure Firewall and fix err_network_changed
  • Now follow the steps to add new inbound rule.
  1. Rule type: Program,
  2. Program: This program path: ‘browse the program and app which you want to add in exclusion,’
  3. Add the browser where the internet connection is interrupted, to add follow this path (if the issue with chrome) Click on the browse.. and go to the Windows c: Drive >> Program Files >> Google >> Chrome >> Application >> and select the Chrome.exe. 

  4. Profile: Select all (Domain, Public, and Private),
  5. Action: Allow the connection,
  6. Name: Set a name ‘as your profile,’

example: PawanBlogs

  • Now you are done, restart your system to apply the new changes.

Change DNS Servers

DNS servers are responsible for translating domain names to numeric IP addresses and leading them to the right website, if any error with them so your access to any website may block, you can fix those by changing the DNS server’s address.

  • Press the ‘Windows + R‘ and launch the Windows Run dialog box and put the dialog ‘Control panel‘.
  • Once you are in, follow these navigation steps Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center >> Change adapter settings.
  • Change adapter settings on here, choose the present connected wifi network and visit their properties.
  • On the connection properties, double click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCp/IPv4).
Change DNS Servers

  • After that on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCp/IPv4) properties, select Use the Following DNS Server address, and put these following on the fill;

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

Change DNS Servers

  • Then hit on the ok and apply these server changes, restart your system to apply system changes.

Update WLAN Driver

WLAN driver allows the communication mid of system and network connection if any error with that so in this situation, the connection can interrupt and the resulting may you got err_network_changed error.

The only solution is you have to update Wireless Network Adapter.

  • First identify the error for that visit on device manager.

Press the ‘Windows + R‘ then paste the command (devmgmt.msc.), of Run dialog box, it will take you on Device Manager.

  • On the device manager take a look on the Network Adapters, If an error appears in front of these it mean you have to update his.
Update WLAN Driver to eliminate err_network_changed error

The thing is, if internet not working so you cannot directly update your wlan driver,

  • So instead of this, use the other device where you have internet connection, download the Suitable WLAN driver from internet, and then take it on your system and install her.

“You can download the driver from internet just enter the driver name on search, Which has error.”

  • Once you update your driver then restart your system then try to connect to the internet, hope this will fix the error err_network_changed.

Reinstall Browser

If you use an old version of the browser from a long period may this can create issue with accessing the website, in this situation you may only access some of the sites like google, but when you visit others, so the error appears, err_network_changed

So what’s you need to do?
We don’t have an internet connection on the system right now, so we cannot update it, so instead of that, use the other device where you have an internet connection, from there download the updated version of the browser then take it on your system and install it.

Before you install a new version uninstall the old one:

  • To uninstall First, close all browser windows and tabs.
  • Click the Start menu and then Settings.
  • Click Apps.
  • Under “Apps & features,” find and click the browser you want to uninstall.
  • Click Uninstall, Confirm by clicking Uninstall.

To delete your profile information, like bookmarks and history, check “Also delete your browsing data,” but I don’t recommend you to do this.

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