How to fix Google Gmail Error 400

Bad Request Error 400

From few days an issue or error which I saw mostly during surfing on the internet and accessing my Gmail ‘Bad Request Error 400‘ this error was visible when I use my desktop or pc,

I find and try many possible ways from the internet to fix Gmail error 400, and here I share a method that actually works, and also mentions their main causes.

Causes behind Gmail error 400

It, not possible will an error can affect the Gmail server and trigger the error 400, may behind the error are many possibilities are available.
such as:

  • Much cookies and cache created by gmail_imp.
  • DNS can also affect your browser internet access and can the error, so you may clear the DNS cache to resolve it.
  • Startup Apps and Services are work in the background and consume the data may this can affect your browser internet access and may you got the error 400, you can fix it by disabling those all which literally you don’t need.
  • DNS server is responsible for internet connection and it may trigger the Gmail error 400 maybe, so you may change it if needed.
  • The extension contains the third-party cookies, and it works unless you don’t disable it manually, so you can try to disable those if other ways not works.

Fix Gmail Error 400

If you see this error on your screen don’t worry you easily can fix it this error appears due to issue with cookies, Google has used ‘gmail_imp’ and it is usually saved on cookies if you manage multiple gmails so the multiple ‘gmail_imp’ files can Create the issue.

so whats we have to do for solving the Bad Request Error 400 we need to clear or delete all ‘gmail_imp’ files or clear all cookies from the chrome browser.

  • For deleting the Gmail-imp file do a right-click on your error screen.
  • After that click on ‘Inspect Element‘ and open the developer window, it ‘Inspect Element’ visible on the bottom of the open tap.
  • Once the developer window appears, click on the ‘Application‘ tab which you can see top-right of the developer toolbar.
  • After that, choose the clear storage from option, which appears the below of Application.
  • When you click, on the right side a new tab was open, from the tab option select the below options ‘Cookies‘ ‘Cache storage‘ and ‘Application cache‘.
  • Once you select from the options, click on ‘Clear Site Data‘, this will clear all the saved cookies from the Gmail page.
  • After that close the developer window and refresh the page.
Clear cookies

Now the site’s cookies are cleared and you can access the Gmail page, but if they dose not work for you so follow those steps and clear your Chrome browser cookies.

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

Much cookies and cache can create an error, Cookies are content the user-data like user names, email, and password, and the Cache is short-term computer memory which content Web pages, images, and other types of Web multimedia.

In our case, if you are using Gmail from long prided so maybe many cookies and cache are content in your computer, which you have to clear manually to eliminate the Google Gmail error 400.

Clear the Gmail Cached data and Cookies in Chrome

  • For deleting, all the cookies from the browser visit on your chrome browser Settings.
  • Then click on the advanced settings, which visible left of your setting bar.
  • After this go to ‘Privacy and Security‘ and click on the Clear Browser data from the options given below.
  • A tab will open, from the option choose ‘Cookies and Site data‘ ‘Cache images or files‘ and then click on the Clear Data.
Clear cookies

Once you are done all things, the cookies from your browser were cleared successfully, now back to your error screen and refresh your page again.

Clear the Gmail Cached data and Cookies in Microsoft Edge

  • Open the Microsoft Edge and go to Settings and more > Settings > Privacy, search, and services.
  • Under Clear browsing data, select Choose what you have to delete.
  • Under the Time range, choose the all-time I suggest.
  • Select Cookies and other site data, and then select Clear now and reset your system for applying all the settings.

Clear the Gmail Cached data and Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the browser.
  • Click the menu button. and select Options. Preferences.
  • Select the Privacy & Security panel and go to the Cookies and Site Data section.
  • Then Click the Clear Data button. The Clear Data dialog will appear so.
  • Click on the Clear now and resat the system at once when all done.

Clear the Gmail Cached data and Cookies in Opera

  • Visit the Opera.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Del to open your Clear browsing data options.
  • Select the Cookies and site data, and click Clear data.
  • To remove cookies from any specific website, go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security.
  • Click Site settings and now you can remove, whats you want to.

Clear the Gmail Cached data and Cookies in Safari

  • Visit your safari browser.
  • To clear your cookies, go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data.
  • Then tap Remove All Website Data and reset the system.

Disable Startup Apps and Services

Some of the startup and Services are also can block internet access and you may get the Gmail error 400, but we can resolve this issue in the minutes, no big deal.

To eliminate this error you have to disable background running apps and services which you no need anymore and they don’t affect your system browser, by the way, you can disable those without any worry.

  • For that first, you have to visit the Windows Run dialog box you can did this by doing a search on your Windows Search Box just put the Run on search box and go to the Appears result.
  • Once the box appeared so put the command “msconfig” and then run the dialog by did a hit on the ok button.
  • It Will take you to the System Configuration Utility tab, here first go to the startup section and click the open the Task Manager.
  • Once the task manager startup tab will open, disable all visible Apps or programs and then close the tab.
  • Now back to System Configuration Utility, and select the services That time.
  • In the service section first, click the Hide all Microsoft services that appear below of tab.
Disable Startup Apps and Services to eliminate the Gmail error 400
  • Then select all the remaining services after hiding Microsoft services, and Disable all of those for that first click on disable all, and then for final changes click on apply button.

Clear the DNS Cache

If the Google Gmail Error 400 remains, so you can try this, clear the DNS cache and reset the TCP and IP protocols, it will configure your WAN connection and eliminate the error if they come from the DNS cache.

  • For that first, you have to visit the cmd.exe Command Prompt you can did this by doing a search on your Windows Search Box just put the cmd on the search box and run the cmd as the administrator.
  • once you are in the cmd panel you have to write some commands to configure your DNS the first one was “ipconfig /release“.

ipconfig /release this command will release the current IP address so that the new one can be assigned.

  • Once the running command is status is successfully then run the second command ipconfig /flushdns.

ipconfig /flushdns will flush or erase the old IP and DNS Resolver cache.

  • And the last command which you have to run is ipconfig /renew.

ipconfig /renew it will assign a new IP for your system and restore your internet connection.

Once all three command status is successful so simply restart your system at once to apply all system changes.

Change DNS server If needed

If the Google Gmail Error 400 remains, after the Clearing DNS cache and assign new IP so maybe you have to change DNS servers.

DNS (Domain Name System ) Changes Domain name and host into the corresponding numbers IP (Internet Protocol ) address such as 2409:4053:315:ca1e:4da9:c311:a657:37de that is mine, by the way.

And other things that DNS does identify and locate the computer systems and resources on the Internet, This means that DNS is very much responsible for internet connection. if it has any issue so may you can get an error like thaterr_internet_disconnected.

The only solution is change and resets the DNS server.

  • First, you have to visit the system Control panel you can did this by doing a search on your Windows Search Box just put the Control panel on the search box and go to visit to it when the search result will appear.
  • Once you in, then visit the Network and Internet, after the network and internet window will visible next go to the Network and Sharing Center.
  • Then go to the Change adapter settings which appear left-side of the present windows.
  • Here you can see the present ethernet or wifi connection, right-click on the connection where you connected at present, and visit her properties.
  • On the connection properties first, select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCp/IPv4), and Double click on it for visible her properties and settings.
  • Now on the general setting, you have to select the ‘Use the Following DNS Server address‘ Option. and have to make some changes on the preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server.
  • Put the Following values in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server.

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

Change DNS server to eliminate the Gmail error 400

After that click on Ok to save setting changes and reset the system to apply the new system changes or setting.

Disable the browser extension

some of the extension is contained the cookies and cache to their workabilities such as connecting the people to their server using other users cookies data like their username and password, it probably helps the people to there their sever with other,
but on the other side, it also affects the other website which you don’t want maybe, to fix this you can disable the extension for a minimal time when you don’t need it.

Disable the browser extension to eliminate the Gmail error 400

To view its effect you can disable the extension one by one and can launch the Gmail website if the error remains, so disable the other one and try again.

Sometimes if they do not workes, so you have to contact the google Gmail support team or you also can mention your issue or problem on the google Gmail feedback forum.

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