How to qualify for AdSense on Blogger


I have listed some important points. If you will follow, I am sure you will be qualify for Adsense, but if for any reason you got any issue before that, you need to fix it, I have also mentioned some errors below that you might come across.

How to qualify for Adsense

You have to buy a custom domain.

In some cases or countries, AdSense does not approve accounts for subdomains.

qualify for Adsense

Like I am from India and I make a blog on Blogger with blogger default subdomain ‘’, so here it will take me about 6 months for just enabling the earning feature and sometimes its take longer, So what you need to do is, you must have a high-quality domain to qualify for Adsense, eg. .com, .in, .org Buy domain As your work priority, it will also make your site official.

Need to add site Privacy policy and terms.

As part of their program policies, Google only allows authorization sites to serve their ads. but how they measure site Authority?

Need to add site Privacy policy and terms.

Using the Domain, Content and the site user privacy or term of the site also affect the Site Authority, so that why you must have to add user privacy policy or term or condition of your site.

If you do not know about it then you must visit our other blog, where you can create a privacy policy or terms for your site, in a few easy steps and you can learn how to add them to your blog or website.

There should be enough and organic content.

Google has also mentioned in their program policies and this is the most obvious reason for rejecting AdSense requests, The insufficient or copyright content.

Google says they need content to show their ads if your site does not have enough content then they will reject your application. Your site should be written 10 -15 to solve this problem. A well-written post should be around 800 to 1000 words in length and some images are also required, and other things like title, description, its headings are covered under SEO. Those which do not affect your application, you can optimize them later.

Use or create your own images, don’t be use copyright.


As you know, copyrighted things do violence according to Google Community Guidelines, so this may be a reason to reject your AdSense application if you use other third-party images on your website. The common mistake we make is downloading or copying images from Google and putting them on our site.

Here are several ways that can solve this issue, such as many websites are available on the Internet where you can buy images at a very useful price and some free sites are also available. and the other way, Create your own images, it is hard but as a result, you get high-quality images, and it also affects website SEO.

keep your website template design clear.

If you know about Google bot and crawler then you can understand this point better, they also analyze your site, content proportions, coding, images, and maybe other things.

Website Template- PawanBlogs

So if your website is using template design extensively, there are many chances of getting an error on template coding, and it will also make an error on Google bot to analyze your site due to which Google will be able to Can reject your application.

Solutions to issues that may arise.

There are many reasons to get Adsense rejection, so here I am sharing a solution for some of the major issues that maybe you can get from Adsense, during the review process.

Site Is Down Unavailable

A few weeks ago I got the same error with my AdSense account and it was difficult to fix, if you get the same issue then there can be many reasons for this.

  • When you apply for AdSense you need to remove, {User-agent: Mediapartners Google / Disallow:} those two lines from your robot.txt file, it does not allow ads on the website you can add them back after getting approval.
  • In some cases, your server is not redirected to non-www to www, which can also cause of getting this issue.
  • Before applying, you should add all domain assets to webmaster tools, like and,, these are all different properties of the same domain, which you must need to add before applying,

Under Construction

This is a common issue that we get on Adsense disapproval. There can be two reasons for getting this issue.

  • The first reason is to use a non-ad friendly theme or template, some themes might not be made for the website you created using which you can fall under this case.
  • Another reason may be the low amount of content in articles, to show Google ads, there should be around 600-800 words per article.

Copyright Claim

The maximum number of times users face this issue when they beginner on blogger or website and they do not know about Google policies. If you also get this problem then you can easily fix it, there are only two reasons to get this error.

  • Avoid copyright images on your blog or website, if you download images somewhere and upload directly on your blog or website, so it probably violates the copyright content policy, for avoiding this, if you want to use google images so don’t be ever upload it directly, edit those little bits, change their name and save it on your device. After that, you can use it on your blogs or website.
  • Copyright Content is another reason of getting this issue, if you copied some content or text from another website and paste it on directly on your article so that will be violence the content policy because with the text you caped many other things just like URL links, ads text and formate of text writing, that’s why google easily can find it a copied content, for avoiding this I will suggest you create your own original content its beneficial for you.

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