Uploading Disabled Due to Community Guidelines Strike


As you know, if you got the first strike on your channel due to violence the Community Guidelines, YouTube was disabled adding costume thumbnails or Uploading features, and the strike would end automatically after 90 days. And if you get another strike during the same 90 days, youtube will disable your monetization as an action, which means you can’t monetize your videos for 90 days.
if you got the third one, so your channel goes to a suspension. It doesn’t matter when you remove your violent contact after strick.

Enable Youtube Uploading Feature.

What do you have to do for this, I have a solution. You can use it. It works for me many times. I hope it will do for you too. using this you can enable all the channel features including Video Uploading.

  • Before you begin, make sure you have to open the youtube setting page on the desktop mode, if you using mobile. Then you have to visit on youtube your account page.
  • Once the page was open click on the ‘Create a new channel’, then create the new one as the same as your old channel name, once you have done click on the create.
Uploading Disabled Due to Community Guidelines Strike

  • On the next step, choose the newly created channel and then click on the ‘Delete Channel’, after that you have to move your old channel at the place of the new one, so for that click on the ‘Move Channel’.
Uploading Disabled Due to Community Guidelines Strike

  • Once you move your account to a brand account, all your data will be automatically transferred including your videos, subscription on a new one, so don’t worry you haven’t lost anything.

As a result of this process, all the features which have been disabled due to community guidelines strike were re-enabled including the Uploading feature.
It will take 1-2 days to affect your channel when you moved the new one, then you can start the Upload videos again.

It does not affect the Community Guidelines strike, it can only be removed by youtube, make sure you do not violate any other Community Guidelines during these 90 days period, otherwise, your youtube account can go to the suspension.

Here I have an image that proves that this method will work, which I used on my account. As you can see in the image below, my Community Guidelines status looks yellow, as I received two strikes on my account but on the other side my all account features were enabled.

Uploading Disabled Due to Community Guidelines Strike

if you don’t wanna lose your account so take a look community Guidelines basics at once.

Basic Of Community Guidelines.

This content is about Community Guidelines strikes. If you’re looking for information about copyright strikes, which are different than Community Guidelines strikes, go to google copyright strike basics.
Community Guidelines strikes are issued when our reviewers are notified of a policy violation of the rules for how to behave on YouTube, or the Community Guidelines.

Sometimes, content is removed for reasons other than Community Guidelines violations, such as a first-party privacy complaint or a court order. In these cases, the uploader won’t receive a strike.

Queries From Youtube Community

What happens if you receive a strike!

If a strike is issued, we’ll let you know by email, through notifications on mobile and desktop, and in your Channel Settings. We’all also tell you Reason.

What kind of content is removed?

Bullying and Harassment, Self-harm or Suicide, Threats, Online Abuse, Violent, Sexual and Pornographic content

Whats youtube says about the strike.

We understand mistakes happen and people don’t mean to violate our policies — that’s why the first violation is only a warning. Note that you’ll be warned once. The next time your content is found to violate the Community Guidelines you will receive a strike. If you think we made a mistake, you can appeal the warning.

First Strike

If we find your content doesn’t follow our policies for a second time, you will receive a strike. This means you won’t be able to upload videos, live streams, stories, or create custom thumbnails or Community posts – for one week. Full privileges will be restored automatically after the one week period, but your strike will remain on your channel for 90 days.

Second Strike

If you get a second strike within the same 90 day period as your first strike, you will not be able to post content for 2 weeks. If there are no further issues, full privileges will be restored automatically after the 2 week period, but each strike expires 90 days from the time it was issued.

Third Strike

Three strikes in the same 90 day period will result in your channel being permanently removed from YouTube. Also, note that each strike expires in 90 days from the time it is issued and that deleting the content will not remove your strike.

What to do if you get a strike

Learn about our Community Guidelines to make sure your content follows our policies.
If your channel received a strike, and you think we’ve made a mistake, let us know. You can appeal this decision here.

YouTube also reserves the right to restrict a creator’s ability to create content at its discretion. If your account has been restricted from YouTube or from using any YouTube features, you are prohibited from using another channel to get around these restrictions on YouTube.This applies for as long as the restriction remains active on your account. Violation of this restriction is considered circumvention under our Terms of Service, and may result in termination of your account.

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