Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails Fix It

yahoo mail

Solution For Mobile

Problems due to Application ‘Yahoo Mail’ not being updated for a long time.

Sometimes the application does not respond to tasks due to older application segments, and you may see some issues in this way like “my application isn’t responding” or “Unfortunately, Yahoo Mail was stopped”.

yahoo mail

This is an issue that we face on every update of the PUBG game. so if you ever play PUBG, I hope you know what’s the solution, you only have to update your yahoo mail application on the new version, probably after that the Yahoo mail email receiving issue will be solved.

Need to ‘Clear cache’ for receiving new emails.

Sometimes, the server does not respond to the new mail request when there is a high amount of junk mail, file, attachment or photo, he feels that was spam or thirds mail so they move those on the spam and junk folders and sometimes they did not receive those.

so whats you need to do you have to clear cache from your application, for that first go to your yahoo application settings and then find the clear cache on general settings, once you visited.

You can read the following text ‘if you are experiencing problems with the app, please tap the button below to reset it’, If you have an issue with email receiving so you should have to press the ‘clear cache’ button, I believe after that the issue will be solved.

Need to Verify Number or Email.

In some cases we got this issue during unverified number or email, it will be found when you first create your account, but it is not a big thing, we can easily fix it.

so for that follow our step go the ‘Manage Account‘ then find the account which you wanna fix, on the below of your account you found ‘Account info‘ click that.

now under the account Security visit on the ‘security settings‘ here you can found what the real issue if you got an error in front of your number or email that means you need to verify this you can by just putting the verification code which you got on your email or number.

it will works for most but if it’s not work so you have to try our other following solution.

Reinstall the Application at once.

On some terms, having a high volume of spam emails or a high volume of email logins the application crashes, in this case, the application does not work well and is not able to receive new emails.

In this case, you will have to uninstall the application once and then reinstall it and delete the spam or trash folder on some time of period.

Solution For Pc

Need to ‘Clear cache’ from the browser.

If you are using a browser to access your Yahoo email then it is possible that unnecessary cache or cookies are blocked your email services so for that, you have to clear cookies or cache from your browser.

yahoo mail
yahoo mail not receiving emails

follow the following step.
Open your browser >> settings >> privacy and security >> clear browser data (Advanced) >> select the “cookies or other site data” or “cashed image or file” and then click on clear data.

After everything is done, refresh the Yahoo Mail site once, i hope its works for you if not so you can contact us.

Request to sender review email once.

Sometimes the sender may make a mistake in writing the email and your mail may go to another so request them please review the email at once before the send.

I hope that article will help you if you have other queries so you can comment or contact us.